Equipment Rentals

Sutherland Excavating Ltd. maintains a fleet of excavators, loaders, dozers and backhoes as well as 2 float trucks, dump trucks, trailer trucks and tankers. All our equipment is late model modern equipment well maintained with all safety features. Our operators are well trained and experienced. We have employee’s in Miramichi and Oromocto, and we travel throughout New Brunswick.

Our truck fleet includes 2 tanker trailers for hauling water, waste water, leacheate and petroleum waste. Our equipment fleet includes dozers and excavators. We have late model dump trucks and dump trailers. Our work boat is available for marine work such as silt curtains and oil booms.


2009 Mission Trailer
2015 Maxum Utility Dump Trailer 14foot
2015 Maxum Utility Dump Trailer 14foot
2015 Nitro Enclosed utility work trailer
2015 Nitro Enclosed utility work trailer
2012 20 foot flat deck trailer
1995 Wells Cargo Stripper trailer
1979 Bedard Tanker trailer 48ft
1999 Bedard Tanker trailer 48ft
Work boat and Trailer
Air Comp. trailer
2009 Mission Trailer Utility enclosed
2009 Mission Trailer Utility Enclosed
Red Utility trailer
1997 Burgundy Haulmark Trailer
2001 Avenger Stripper Trailer
2015 Larochelle Trailer
Frueha - Tanker Trailer
1967 Frueha - Tanker Trailer
2007 Travelong dump trailer
2015 Larochelle Trailer
2007 Black Utility Trailer
Cancar Trailer- Site Trailer 45ft
2009 Travelong dump trailer

Service Trucks

2017 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew

2017 Silverado 1500 Crew

2017 Dodge Ram 3500 Crew

2015 Ford F350 Diesel
2013 Dodge Ram 3500
2015 Dodge 2500
2015 Dodge 2500
2014 Chev 2500 Diesel
2014 Chev Silverado 1500 Crew
2013 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew
2016 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew
2008 GMC Diesel Truck


2006 Blackhawk Lowboy
2013 Felling 53ft Tridem
2014 Felling 30ft Tag Trailer

2006 30ft Tag Trailer


Heavy Equipment

2014 Vermeer Vacuum Excavator
2009 Vermeer Vacuum Excavator

2017 Hitachi ZX210LC

2012 Hitachi ZX210LC
2012 Hitachi Excavator ZX160LC
2009 Komatsu Excavator PC200-b
2007 Hitachi Excavator ZX200LC
2008 Hitachi Excavator ZX200LC
1995 Sea Truck Move your cargo on the water
2008 Hitachi 35 Mini Excavator
2011 Hitachi 50U Mini Excavator
2015 Hitachi 85 Mini Excavator

2016 Hitachi 35U Mini Excavator
2009 Hitachi Excavator ZX200LC
2009 Magnum Jack Hammer
2011 JCB Loader
2009 JCB Loader
2010 D39EB Tractor
2010 JCB Skid Steer
2001 Forklift WHSE 5000

Dump Trucks

1999 Western Star Tractor
1996 Ford 9000 Steam Truck
2012 Frieghtliner Dump Truck
2006 Peterbuilt Tractor